Stephen D. Paulson, from the small, farming and ranching town of Jensen, UT brings a rich and varied background to the table and brings that lifestyle and experience alive in the story along with delivering a powerful message. As a small boy he recalls being frightened by fear stories about wars--his father died in Germany during occupation. Then came the cold war and fear of an atomic bomb attack. In college came pollution, overpopulation, running out of oil and resources, food scares, global cooling and now global warming. Yet, seldom heard is appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful, abundant, free, and comfortable lives most of us live-including the author. Currently, stories of impending doom and disaster have become more shrill and ever present. He firmly believes in caring for the environment, but also that all the fear mongering does not serve--fear only contracts our universe of possibilities. He also believes that a little gratitude and awareness of our abundant blessings and creative powers is the path we need to tread-this expands our universe of possibilities. Plato is reported to have said, "who's teaching our children and what are the stories they are telling them?" Good question! Maybe this is a story that needs to be told to ourselves and our children? In a story form, the novel - Sunshine & The Shadows - speaks why we need a bigger circle to expand beyond the polarization being created by the excesses of radical environmentalists and reckless natural resource development.

The following are his comments regarding the book:

It is from the above backdrop that I felt inspired to write this novel. The news media, attorneys, opportunists, and spinning of events to suit agendas and prejudices of many players . . really caused me to pause. I wanted to tell this story. I wanted to be the voice of the common man.(to offer the one voice that is missing from so many issues, that of the people who are directly and immediately affected.) I wanted to tell a story that might “widen a few circles” . . . and . . . as the title implies . . . “shed a little sunshine on some shadows.”

The novel’s name, Sunshine and the Shadows, is partly derived from the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung’s ascribing evil as our refusal to meet our shadow. He defined the shadow as that part of our personality or reality that we like to deny. Perhaps ... when we expand our circle ... we include our shadows as well as the lights.

Stephen currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Gloria, and is working on three other novels that deal with the human side of current issues. One is a very human side of Mexican Immigrants and is yet unnamed. Next is a story called, “THE CHIEF & Mr. FATSO,” based around a football team, American Indians, prejudice, cultural struggles, and has both a heartbreaking and heartwarming conclusion. The last one is titled, “ANGEL FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE GROUND,” about and older man grieving the death of his wife, a young drug-addicted women and teenage son fleeing her abusive, druggie spouse–it moves through the dynamics of this setting to spiritual and psychological growth for the major characters.

Feedback and comments are welcome. (See Contact Author Link) Stephen also welcomes the opportunity to give interviews or a power-point presentation on the subject of the book and how it relates to beliefs and the environment.