Militant Ignorance and Saving the Planet Don’t Mix!
In a novel form, a new book reveals dark shadow side of what saving the planet agendas and militant actions can bring to innocent rural Americans.

Salt Lake City, UT – August 16, 2008 – The news media rarely reports and seldom is heard from the voices of those directly affected by seemingly noble, but certainly misguided actions of activists, developers and others who invade their domain. A new book, Sunshine & The Shadows does just that in a novel form that is based on some facts and some real events. The theme is set in the San Luis Valley of Colorado where Eco-warriors from Denver Colorado come to the valley with a definite agenda–freeing the range from cattle on public lands. They are soon followed by a hungry media lady seeking crises, conflict, and confrontation to feed her TV audience and further her career. Close behind her come the lawyers, opportunists and tragedy as their agendas and actions reek havoc on an innocent ranching family. The story clearly reveals the ripple effects of our actions, whether they be for good or for ill. The message in the book is timely–especially as we are bombarded by a constant stream of Global Warming and the never ending messages of Gloom and Doom!

At the end, the fruits of the “Ripple Effects” of the novel’s characters come back to each of them. Egos and agendas bring TRAGEDY for some: love and experience bring TRANSCENDENCE for others.

The author, Stephen D Paulson, from the small, farming and ranching town of Jensen, UT brings a rich and varied background to the table and brings that lifestyle and experience alive in the story along with delivering a powerful message. As a small boy he recalls being frightened by fear stories about wars–his father died in Germany during occupation. Then came the cold war and fear of an atomic bomb attack. In college came pollution, overpopulation, running out of oil and resources, food scares, global cooling and now global warming. Yet, seldom heard is appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful, abundant, free, and comfortable lives most of us live–including the author. Currently, stories of impending doom and disaster have become more shrill and ever present. He firmly believes in caring for the environment, but also believes that all the fear mongering does not serve–fear only contracts our universe of possibilities. He also believes that a little gratitude and awareness of our abundant blessings and creative powers is the path we need to tread–this expands our universe of possibilities. Plato is reported to have said, “who’s teaching our children and what are the stories they are telling them?” Good question! Maybe this is a story that needs to be told to ourselves and our children? In a story form, the novel – Sunshine & The Shadows – speaks why we need a bigger circle to expand beyond the polarization being created by the excesses of radical environmentalists and reckless natural resource development.

Sunshine & the Shadows * by Stephen D Paulson
Publication Date: June 9, 2008
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